Textile Candy began as a blog in 2012 while I was working night shifts in a textiles factory, humble beginnings some might say. Now Textile Candy is a brick and mortar store in the North West of England. 

After working as a fashion print designer for 5 years in the UK, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland, I decided to leave my job and (finally) start up my start-up!

In 2017 I travelled to Ghana for the first time and was introduced to the artistry of Ghanaian beadmaking. After seeing the artisan beadmakers and how they, literally, turn trash into treasure I was inspired to create my first jewellery collection. What started as an experimentation is now a small business.

We create our jewellery from zero waste 100% recycled glass beads because we know the Earth is a finite resource. To 'do our bit' we also operate a no plastic policy in our shop. All of our shop fixtures are wooden and have either been salvaged, upcycled or found second hand. All of our packaging is made from recycled paper/card.

Preservation of our world is important to us, as is the preservation of craftsmanship and artistry. In the West many of our traditional crafts are being forgotten, at Textile Candy we believe in the preservation of this.
 In an effort to promote the continuation of Ghanaian beadmaking we donate 10% of the profits from our recycled glass collection to the Baobab foundation (photos below). A school, in Ghana, of 100 students with physical/mental disabilities. These children are given a creative education and skills which equip them to provide for themselves in adult life. One of the many vocational courses offered at the Baobab school is beadmaking.

Alongside our 100% recycled glass collection, we also create handpainted wooden jewellery and keyrings. All of these are painted, by hand, in the UK. In an effort to promote positivity, we also have a range of hand illustrated artworks. Small changes to our outlook(and shopping habits)can make a huge difference to the type of world we live in

A lot of love, time and passion has gone into the creation of our products. Every purchase and new customer confirms that trading financial security in fast fashion for a slow, sustainable, small business was the right decision.

So shop small!Feed your hard earnt cash back into small economies. Let's celebrate the makers, the crafters, the small businesses!
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