Modern minimalist green recycled glass stacking necklace, Ghanaian beads, Glass bead necklace, Krobo beads, Krobo bead necklace

Modern minimalist green recycled glass stacking necklace

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Green, black and white patterned recycled glass necklace on a soft satin ribbon with matte black metal ribbon ends. This contemporary necklace has a tie back and is completely adjustable to the needs of the wearer. Both necklace colours are available with matching earrings.

Made from 100% recycled glass beads made by Ghanaian beadmaking artisans. 
Every stage of the bead creation involves true craftsmanship. Each individual bead is made completely by hand; ground into powder, coloured dye added to the mix, fired in a kiln and shaped on a grinder. They have no uniformity and all come with their own quirks- much like us. Starting their life as disposed glass bottles, these beads perfectly demonstrate how we can turn trash into treasure and create something beautiful and new from the things we have discarded as waste.

In an effort to preserve the traditional beadmaking craft, 10% of the profits from the sale of this product will be donated to the Baobab foundation. A small school in Cape Coast, Ghana, where children with physical/learning disabilities are given a creative education in vocational courses that enable them to support themselves in the future.

This statement necklace adds a pop of colour to any outfit, a perfect gift idea for Mothers day!