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Textile Candy is an Ethical brand based in the UK selling beautiful, handmade jewellery and soft accessories.

We aim to create positive change through the production of our handcrafted items; no sweatshops, no mass manufacture and a completely transparent supply chain.

One of our core values is preservation. We know the Earth is a finite resource and so we create our jewellery from  zero waste, 100% recycled glass beads, hand sourced in Ghana.  We also ensure minimal plastic is used in our packaging and have a 'plastic free' policy in our shop.

 At Textile Candy we hope to encourage a culture of craftsmanship and artistry where traditional skills are nurtured and profits are re-invested into the makers' economies.

In an effort to promote the continuation of Ghanaian beadmaking we donate 10% of the profits from our recycled glass collection to the Baobab foundation. For more information please check out our 'About Us' section.

Thank you for stopping by our page and supporting makers over mass production. 

Shopping small makes a big difference!

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